Zbog upita iz inozemstva, preveli smo ovaj video.
Due to international requests, we have translated this video.

From 19 August 2011. at 18:40 the device for securing the “Krčeni put” railway crossing is broken.
From 20 August 2011. from 0:50 the device for securing the “Rade Končar” railway crossing is broken.
Both railway crossings are on the main line Dugo Selo – Sesvete. Failures followed the uprooting of the half-fender or in railway terminology by the uprooting cuttable segments.

Faults are not removed even after 4 (four) days. Throughout this time 500 passenger trains  and 120 cargo trains are delayed.
The main reason for waiting for the conclusion of annual contracts, which is mentioned by the CEO lies in knowing that the price of one half-fender is less than 600 kunas.

The cost of previous delays of trains is at least 15,000 kunas counting only approximate minute extension of travel due to stopping and restarting the trains.

Will anyone be held responsible for this disgrace?
Our video on this topic: